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Welcome to Remain Strong Community

Delivered by former New Zealand international rugby player, Robbie Hunter-Paul. This wellbeing programme is designed to provide the building blocks to become the best and most productive version of yourself.

Our goals

Our goal in this program is to reframe mental health so we can learn to personally better manage our overall wellbeing and take back control.

We aim to educate people on the foundations of wellbeing, encourage them to take responsibility and arm them with a tool kit of wellbeing actions and activities they can practically use everyday.

When we embrace a wellbeing mindset, we're better prepared for what modern life throws at us both professionally and personally.

Remain Strong Community Our goals

'I wish I had known then what I know now, I would have been a better
athlete, better person, received less injuries and achieved more.'
- Robbie Hunter-Paul, former New Zealand international rugby player

Classroom 1

In session one we explore the foundations of wellbeing and confront the statistics and common beliefs surrounding the increasingly frantic world we live in.

We’ll also discuss our decision making, by exploring our minds so we can understand how they're wired and how we can better manage them.

Classroom 2

In our second classroom session we tackle two of the biggest mental health issues facing modern life: anxiety, and depression.

We then finish off the session by learning some of the key skills needed to make sure you're equipped to do the right things should one of your nearest and dearest ask for some support.

Classroom 3

In classroom session 3 we analyse the power of negative thinking against the need of positive influence. Again, we explore how the brain is wired and what we need to do to rewire it for our own benefit.

We finish off by creating a to-do list of positive activities whilst mapping a no-go zone of negativity

Classroom 4

To finish off the classroom sessions we explore the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation and embraced by all the top wellbeing charities and the NHS.

We’ll discuss what it is and how it can be practically integrated into anyones lifestyle through a segmented daily programme.

Active Session 1

Remain Strong Community Field Session 1

Active Session 2

Remain Strong Community Field Session 2

Active Session 3

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Active Session 4

Remain Strong Community Field Session 4
Remain Strong Community The field sessions

The active sessions

No one likes being cooped up in a classroom for too long.

Most of us understand that physical exercise is great for your mental health and is often prescribed by health professionals as a starting point for the road to recovery.

We use a mixture of tried and tested physical health sessions built for all levels of fitness.